Râșnov is a town in Transylvania, Romania. It is located in the touristic county Brașov.


Râșnov was once part of the saxon region called Burzenland. However, the city is much older, dating from Thracian-Roman times. It is home to a freshly restored Saxon fortress from the 14th century, and also to many old Saxon houses. In German the name of the town is "Rosenau", which means Rosepond. There are about 15,000 inhabitants who live right next to a huge forest that leads up the mountains. The river Ghimbasel (german: Burzen) crosses the town. Today most of the population is Romanian, but there are also Rromas, and some Germans and Magyars. The city is rapidly developing towards an important tourism town, while new pensions and attractions are being developed. Those who rush through Brașov county, stop by to see the fortress, but many people take the time to stay here for a few days and enjoy its blend of nature and fun. Others choose it as a cheap and quiet base to explore the surrounding area with its numerous attractions (Brașov, Sinaia, Bran, Zărnești, Prejmer, etc.).

Get in

View from the hill.

By car

In Râșnov there are 2 gas station on the main road, one Lukoil (exit towards Brașov) and one Petrom (exit towards Bran).

By train

There is a train on the route Brașov-Râșnov-Zărnești. It leaves from Brașov main station, where you can also get tickets, but you will have to ask which cassa is the right one as it is a private company. The price for one trip is about 2.7 Ron.

This timetable is also valid for weekends.

You should get off in the first station in Râșnov, otherwise you will end up about 2km from the town in Râșnov h. The stations are as follows: Brașov Main station - Brașov Bartolomeu - Cristian - Râșnov - Râșnov H - Tohanu Vechi - T Moșoiu - Zărnești.

Tip: on Saturday and Sunday you can use an old vapor-train on the route Brașov-Râșnov-Zărnești. This train leaves Brașov at around 9 a.m. (this is an approximate time) and then goes back to Brașov from Râșnov at exactly 11:36 a.m. . One ticket is about 10 Ron.

By bus

Street in Râșnov.

Brașov: The bus runs every 30-60 minutes from Codreanu Autostation (also known as "Autogara 2"; it is next to the soccer Stadium. Use the lines to get there). First fare is at 6:30AM, last fare is at 8PM or 9PM. Saturday and Sunday they go only every 60 minutes, and last fare is at 5PM. In Râșnov the bus stops several times. The price is 4 lei. To get from the main train station to Autogara 2 use line 23 or 23B. To get here from the center take the line 16. In order to return to Brașov, go to Strada Republicii street and the stop is near the technical liceum (Grupul Școlar Industrial).

Bran: the Bus towards Brașov crosses Râșnov.

Poiana Brașov, Predeal: None.


Caragiale Street in Râșnov.

Hitchhiking to Râșnov from Brașov is a regular practice. The place you can try are the intersection of Lunga Street with soseaua Cristianului. Be sure to stand on the side of the road that goes out of the city (across the street from Bartholomeus Church). The second spot is down that road, toward Pitești, on the strip between Eliana Mall and the train crossing.

Hitchhiking from Bran is also quite a natural phenomenon, just stay in the bus station or on the road and signal your intent.

Hitchhikers have been seen to be picked up from the road Predeal - Brașov, but you will certainly need more patience.

It is polite to give the driver about 2-3 lei per person, from all these directions.

By taxi

Any taxi driver will be glad to take you to Râșnov, but make sure you choose one which runs for a company. The price per km should not exceed 2 lei, and it must be shown on the door of the cab. Please note that you will also have to pay for the trip back that the taxi driver will have to make. The double fee per km will be calculated from the moment you are at the train passing and exit Brașov (but the sign with crossed Brașov will be reached only after 2-3 km). The total trip from Brașov (train station) should not cost more than 40-45 lei.

Get around

The fortress in Râșnov.


Main attractions

The foot way to the old fortress, Râșnov.

Other attractions

Cheile Râșnoavei, raining.

Around Râșnov


Old saxon church in Râșnov.
The canyon Cheile Râșnoavei.




Cheile Râșnoavei.

Beauty and fitness

Around Râșnov




The old cinema in Râșnov.

There are a few restaurants in Râșnov.

You can also buy your own food at the two supermarkets, Penny Market and Minimax. If you are looking for fresh meat for a barbecue, try the renowned butcher Arzoiu in the intersection Caraiman street and Armata Romana street.


A pub in the center of Râșnov

You will not pay more than 2€ in any of these for a beer. You will probably also get beer for about 1€ in any of these.


Yard entrance in Râșnov.


Stay healthy


Stay safe

Police and law

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