Quetico Provincial Park

Quetico Provincial Park is a vast wilderness area in northern Ontario, adjoining with Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area, famous for its array of small- to medium-sized lakes and the wildlife they provide a home for.


Since the most of the Park is only accessible by canoe, you are going to have to plan what you want to see ahead of time. There is a number of pictographs throughout the park and a majority can be seen right from your canoe on the water. You will need to purchase a map to help find them.

A larger number of falls are in the park. Louisa Falls is one of the more common destinations for the Southern part of the park.



Quetico is known for its wilderness canoeing. So if you plan on going you are going to need a canoe. The majority of the park is only accessible by a canoe. The backcountry has over 2000 primitive camping spots in some of the most beautiful scenic views in the area. You are limited to a maximum size of 9 people in your group and no more than 4 canoes. Since the majority of the park is primitive, you have to plan accordingly. Everything you take in has to be packed out.

There are six access points into the park where you can obtain permits for the backcountry. Cache Bay and Prairie Portage ranger stations for those entering from the United States in Minnesota, Dawson Trail Ranger Station and Atikokan Ranger Station accessible by car in Canada and finally, the Lac La Croix and Beaverhouse stations. For those entering Canada from the United States, you must obtain a Remote Area Board Crossing permit from Canadian immigration or by mail. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/rabc.html

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