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Flushing-Northeast is a large area of Queens, a borough of New York City. Flushing contains a very large Chinatown, more diverse than Manhattan's Chinatown. It also contains a large Korean and a large Indian neighborhood, with various other ethnic groups represented. Consider taking a trip there if you are visiting New York for more than a week, or if you would like a delicious meal before or/and after watching a game at Citi Field or matches at the U.S. Open.

Get in

By subway

Take the 7 train to the last stop, Flushing - Main St. On weekday afternoons, take the express 7, rather than the local, if you are at an express stop. The express generally cuts the length of a trip from Manhattan to Main St. by at least 10 minutes.

By Long Island Railroad

The Flushing-Main St. stop on the Port Washington Line of the Long Island Railroad arguably marks the exact center of Flushing. The LIRR station is about two blocks south of the Flushing - Main St. stop on the 7 train. On weekends, one-way LIRR fare within the city limits (including Manhattan's Penn Station) is $3.25 - still pricier and less scenic than the subway, but faster, and the best way to reach points east of the 7 train's terminus.

By bus

There are many Metropolitan Transportation Authority buses that serve Flushing. Go to the MTA website to download a Queens bus map. While waiting for the bus, make sure you are on the right side of the street for the direction you want to travel. From LaGuardia Airport, you can take the Q48 bus.

By car

The center of Flushing - Main St. between Roosevelt Av. and where it forks with Kissena Blvd. - is accessible from exits from major highways like the Grand Central Parkway and the Long Island Expressway. However, be warned that traffic in Downtown Flushing is often very slow-moving, due to the narrow roads, heavy traffic and high number of pedestrians.

By plane

Flushing is close to LaGuardia Airport (LGA). For those arriving at or departing from LaGuardia, the MTA bus route Q48 stops on Roosevelt Av. at the corner of Main St., and taxis are also available.


Flushing Meadows-Corona Park


Citi Field




Flushing is full of bubble tea places. For great tapioca, milk tea beverages, other flavored tea, ice desserts, slush and many kinds of fancy drinks, you can also visit Quickly, located at 41-40 Kissena Blvd or their other location on Roosevelt Avenue.


There are a number of hotels in Flushing, including:

Stay safe

Walking on Roosevelt Av. between Citi Field and Main St. is not a good idea. The route is very unpleasant, going past automobile body shops and across bridges spanning the polluted Flushing River, with broken glass on the walkways. This naturally means that few pedestrians will be found on the streets and maximizes the chance of meeting weirdos. The walkways are primarily used as a bicycle route for local workers. From Mets - Willets Pt. to Flushing - Main St. is one stop on the 7 Train. Take the train.

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