Qatzrin (Hebrew: קצרין) is the largest town in the Golan Heights, with a population of approximately 7,000.


Qatzrin was established in 1977 as part of an Israeli program of cementing the Jewish presence in the Golan Heights, considered essential to Israel's ongoing security and territorial integrity.


Katzrin ancient village


Talmudic Meditation A few ancient houses in Qatzrin have been reconstructed from their remains by archaeologists. These houses look as they would have in the 1st century, complete with replicas of household tools and items. The synagogue is also partially reconstructed from its ruins. Important Talmudic readings have been placed in these reconstructed places to allow for a meditative experience for a pilgrim, tourist, or student in an area that looks and feels like an ancient Jewish village.


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As the primary tourist center in the Golan Heights, Qatzrin forms an ideal base for exploring nearby sites of interest, such as Gamla.

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