Punta Gallinas

Punta Gallinas is dunes and desert area in the department of La Guajira.


Sunset at Dunas de Taroa

Punta Gallinas is the most northern point of Colombia and South America. Beautiful dunes, desert, exotic beaches and sacred indigenous cultures, Punta Gallinas has a lot to offer. The photos are nothing to what you really feel in this place. Maybe you can not just tell your friends. People will believe you were not there. Punta Gallinas is considered one of the most exotic destinations in Colombia. It is inhabited mostly by indigenous Wayuu. It's a myth that people are Wayuu dangerous, are rather curious and generous. Its people are strong and vigorous, strong-willed. People are exotic and full of passion. The official language is Wayuunaiki Wayuu. La Guajira is Wajiira

Punta Gallinas desert

The climate is the driest of all Colombia. The rainy season is between September and December. The temperature is between 27 ° and 32 °. The maximum temperature is 45 ° in the desert and minimum 3 ° in the mountains. In the rainy season, you may need to take a three hour boat from Puerto Bolivar to get to Punta Gallinas.

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Bahia hondita

Other than guided tours from Riohacha or Santa Marta seems to be very difficult at the moment.



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