Pulau Ai

Pulau Ai is in Banda Islands.


Pulau Ai is a small island of Banda Islands. The island is limited to a single village, and some plantations (nutmeg and kenari almonds). This is a very relaxing place.

Get in

Daily boat(s) leaves Ai in early morning to Banda Neira, then returns from Banda to Ai around 10-11AM.


Beach, fort, plantations




There are only few small convenient shops selling cigarettes, beer, and other usual stuff.


All guesthouses includes 3 meals / day


There are several cheap options :


No Internet is available here (no Wifi, and cellphone data is not working).

Go next

You may charter a boat to go to Pulau Run, but using public transport you'll have to track back to Banda Neira.

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