Prostějov is a city in North Moravia, Czech Republic.


Prostějov was established in 12th century. In 14th century it was important trade city with German and Jewish communities. The city was damaged during the Hussite wars. Among most important owners were Perštejns who built city fortification (to nowadays just little fragments survived) and city chateaux. Strong development also occurred during the Lichteštejn´s era in the 16th century. At the end of the 19th century and at the first part of 20 century there were built many architecturally valuable buildings in historicism, art nouveau and functionalism. During this time there is also big spread of textile industry. Before the Second World War, Prostějov had strong German-speaking Jewish community. In Prostějov Edmund Husserl, Jiří Wolker and Otto Wichterle were born.

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Olomouc is well connected with the rest of Czechia as well as with neighbouring countries.


Prostějov is an interesting city mainly because of its architecture. The most important buildings are:


In the centre of city, there are many possibilities to find cheap restaurant with daily menu around 3-5 euros for meal.

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