Probolinggo is a port in East Java, Indonesia.


This port city has an extensive fishing industry and is the nearest town of any size to Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park. Since the National Park can be visited as a day trip from here, this tends to be the main draw for visitors since there is little else of interest.

Get in

Buses from Surabaya take around two hours as do those from Malang.

Be sure to go all the way to the main bus terminal, 6km southwest of the centre, instead of getting dropped off at some travel agent (who will pay the driver a commission). Minibuses to Cemoro Lawang, the nearest settlement to Bromo-Tengger-Semeru_National_Park leave from the terminal and take about an hour and a half. Purchase any tickets directly at the bus terminal, as the local travel agents are notoriously mercenary and will happily charge you multiples of the real price and/or issue fake return tickets.


Candi Jabung


Rafting at Pekalen River

The location is about one hour drive from Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park where the Pekalen river cuts the town. Up to grade 3+, you will encounter many bat caves along its cliff and some small waterfalls. Most operators ask you to choose one of the 3 sections that takes 2-3 hours but you can have two or even all of them if you ask! Each section has its own unique scenery and challenge that will make your white water rafting experience in any case unforgettable. All fares include safety equipment, transport to the start and from the finish line, as well as food and beverages.


Probolinggo is famous for sweet, green mangoes, known as manalagi mangga. Some people also call them mangga arumanis. Because these types of mango still have a green skin even when mature, you need to press them softly and smell them to determine their ripeness. You might want to only eat half of these mangoes, because they're large with a high fibre content.


For people to see sunrise at Mount Bromo, it is better to sleep at nearest Bromo area, although you have to spend more money or you will late of sunrise moment.

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