Prilep is a city in Western Macedonia nicknamed "The city under Marko’s towers", alluding to its fortress. The city of 76,768 is the Macedonian tobacco capital. The city was the capital of the medieval kingdom of Kings Volkasin and Marko which explains the large number of churches and monasteries in and around the city.


Prilep seen from Marko's Tower Fortress

What is most striking about Prilep is the strange bare scenery with huge rocks scattered around. The city is nestled below a bare hill. On the top of the hill, ruins of a medieval fortress stand. All around the city are tobacco fields, and if one visits the city in late summer or fall, one will see tobacco drying everywhere he turns. What is unique about Prilep is the strange sense of humor its inhabitants have and the way they preserved their traditional way of life. Near Prilep is Mariovo Region, one of the most untouched regions of Macedonia, with small half deserted villages scattered in untouched nature.


Even though the city has been in existence since ancient times, its peak was in the Middle Ages. In 1018 it was here that emperor Samuil died of a heart attack when he saw his army of 14,000 blinded by the Byzantine Emperor Vasilij. Prilep was the capital of the medieval kingdom of King Volkasin (r 1350-1375) and his son King Marko (r 1375-1395). They both tried to stop the progress of the Turkish expansion, they are remembered as mythical heroes in the folk tales and songs. After the death of King Marko, Prilep was conquered by the Turks. On 11 October 1941 in Prilep, the rebellion of the Macedonian people against the fascist occupation began.


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The centre is small and it's easiest to get around on foot.

The bus station is in the centre too.

To get to Varosh village, you can get a taxi for around MKD50 - ask to be dropped at the monastery and then walk down to visit the churches, or walk for about 20 to 30 minutes.


Markovi Kuli Fortress
Stone elephant

Further afield

Prilep Panorama




Restaurant Bolero

There are many burek and pastry places and restaurants in the centre but for best grill and local food head for:


There is a selection of cafes, bars and clubs in Prilep, most of the them in and around the old bazaar and in the shopping mall that stands on the main square. Here are some of the popular destinations:

In the center of the town there are at least twenty cafe bars offering a variety of fun and you can have a nice time enjoying some very modern or rustique views of architecture.



Pedestrian Street, Prilep

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