Predeal is a resort town in the Transylvania region of Romania, in Braşov County. An important mountain resort, Predeal is located on the Prahova Valley and is surrounded by five massifs: Postăvarul, Piatra Mare, Bucegi, Baiului and Fiţifoi. The name is derived from the Romanian archaic form "pre deal" which means "on the hill" or from the Slavic word "predel", which means "bound", "limit". In the late years the town has known a remarkable boom in construction, with many well-off people from all over the country, having a mountain retreat in Predeal.

Predeal is the highest town in Romania with an altitude between 1033m-1110m.

William of Wied, Prince of Albania, died here in 1945. Predeal was the hometown of one of Romania's less known poets, Mihail Săulescu.

Get in

Predeal is very easy to reach, from Brasov, continue on DN1 road towards Bucharest, after 25 km you will arrive at Predeal. From Bucharest, continue towards Ploiesti on DN1 road, and after leaving Ploiesti, continue along DN1 road towards Brasov.


Ski on one of the five ski slopes in Predeal. You can go to clubs like "The Office" and "Rozmarin" or shop at one of the shops in Predeal.


There are some stores in Predeal, like Calinda and O'neil on the main road (Dn1)




Also, these packages include all the organized entertainment activities (hiking, picnics, evening dance program, various indoor games (mime, different contests). So, besides the lack of restrictions on food and drink, guests can choose in the same price for excursions to surrounding areas: the castles, monasteries, museums and monuments that are in the max distance of 150km/day (with van), and for mountain walks of all degrees of difficulty. Additional programs for a fee (ATV, paintball, climbing).

Go next

You can go to Poiana Braşov and then to Braşov.

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