Prairies (Canada)

The Prairies are Canada's breadbasket, three geometrically-shaped provinces which in addition to the wide-open expanses of flat prairie land also collectively include mountains, hills, lakes, shoreline, and metropolitan cities.


Rolling hills, lush prairie, graceful mountains, bustling cities, lovely economy, untapped natural beauty
Rolling hills, beautiful water systems, gleaming parks, shiny cities
History, heritage-full, farming, hydroelectricity, large lakes, beautiful wilderness areas, "watchable" wildlife and rolling hills, woodlands and many lakes in its western highlands.


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The Prairies are a spread over three Canadian provinces: Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta.

Get around

The best way to travel in the Prairies is by car. The Prairies are served by Highway No 1 and 16 from west to east.

There are also buses and the VIA services in Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Edmonton

Transit in the largest cities is good and it is not necessary to have a car, but in other places it is recommended.

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