Prachov Rocks

Prachov Rocks is in Czech Republic.


Prachov Rocks are not very large, but full of beautiful views on the shire, full of ravines, chines, lonely sandstone towers, pins, gullets and many other shapes of rocks which you can imagine. Mainly it is a great place for climbers and tourists. There is also a pond. Prachov Rocks are a national natural reservation and they have been protected since 1933.

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Prachov Rocks are the most visited area of north–east Bohemia. It is a sandstone–rock "city" of the southern edge of Český Ráj in a forested landscape. The nearest town is Jičín, which is also full of sights.


The entrance fee is 60 Kč / 30 Kč (reduced) and parking costs 200 Kč/day.


Inside this territory you can only walk. Footpaths are not available for bikes or roller skates. There are two circuits for tourists. The first is easier and also shorter. The other is and longer and the footpaths are sometimes quite dangerous especially for older tourists, but there are more view points and it is more exciting. The best solution is to try both. In the pond you can swim or sunbathe on the shore. Rock climbers can climb in fact each of 239 rock objects. To go through all the places in the territory of Prachov Rocks you need only one afternoon.


You can stay in Jičín and travel there by bus, in private accommodation or in a hotel, which is few meters from the entrance and from a pond.

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