Porto Seguro

Colourful colonial era homes along the port street & the typical rent-a-car for the region.

Porto Seguro is in the southern part of the Brazilian state of Bahia. The region possesses amazing beaches and preserved areas of Mata Atlântica, an original tropical jungle found by the Portuguese discoverers in the year 1500.

Get in

By air

By car

By bus

If you are already in Brazil, it is cheaper to take a bus from a major city than to fly. You can take a bus from Salvador. It is an overnight bus ride that takes around 12 hours.

Get around

If you are staying in the down town area, you can walk most places. You can actually walk down the hill from the bus station to down town. If you are unfamiliar with the city and have bags, it's better to get a taxi.

If you book tours, they will provide transportation. There is also a bus system if you want to get out of down town. To see Arraial d'Ajuda, take the ferry across the river and take a bus to Arraial.

By buggy

There are numerous reputable buggy rental companies with offices around the center of town. Prices range from 60-80 BRL per day.

Steer well clear of the car rental company Terra Matter. Their buggies are very poorly maintained. In the case of a breakdown, they offer absolutely no compensation.


One of the oldest churches in Brazil, in the Historical Center of Porto Seguro.


Scuba diving

Although Porto Seguro is not a diving destination, you can go diving here. Most dive trips are around Recife de Fora at a shallow depth (max. 8 m). Visibility is rather poor at only a few meters.

Diving in Porto Seguro



Porto Seguro's nightlife is one of the most popular attractions for young people.


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