Port Sudan

Port Sudan is a city in Sudan next to the Red Sea.

Get in

Serving the city is Port Sudan New International Airport with international flights from Cairo and Dubai. There is also domestic route with Khartoum.

Since a few years back there is now a tarred road linking Port Sudan to Khartoum via Atbara which passes through great scenery and passes the pyramids of Meroë Meroe. Make sure you don't take the old road via Kasala, it's 400km longer and is reported to be dangerous due to ongoing tribal conflicts and bandits.

Port Sudan also have a rail link with Khartoum, trains leave every Monday at 8PM and arrives about twenty hours later. There is also an international ferry from Jeddah.

Get around

In Port Sudan you can get around the city using rickshaws, taxis and buses. The rickshaws seem to be the best option as they only cost an average of 2-5 Sudanese pounds for journeys up to 15 minutes and take you exactly to your destination.


There is a large boardwalk area overlooking the port and is near to ice cream shops and cafes.You can sit and relax in the open areas and enjoy a shisha or have hot drinks from any one of the tea ladies nearby.



Souvenirs Along the boardwalk area there are many local craftsmen selling jewelry made from sea shells and also many trinkets. Be careful when purchasing these items as they often try to pass their goods as local when in fact they are cheaply made and mass manufactured.You can also purchase some excellent hand ground coffee in the Souk packaged under the El Tayeb brand.


The Hilton now known as the Coral Hotel has a cafeteria reminiscent of an American diner such as Denny's, offering international cuisine and great coffees. The prices range between 7-10 Sudanese Pounds for a hot drink and around 15-35 Sudanese Pounds for a main meal. There is also a very nice restaurant in the hotel with set menus that average around 65 Sudanese Pounds per person. On the cheaper end of the spectrum you can go to the Food Dream and Ice Cream Dream restaurant for milk shakes, slushies and ice cream. The neighboring restaurant has a good selection of chicken and meat donner kebabs and also chicken and chips for between 5-12 Sudanese Pounds. On this same strip of restaurants you can get a delicious pizza for around 10 Sudanese Pounds.


Go next

The most wonderful untouched underwater world is in Port Sudan, you can arrange for a trip inside the red sea, diving around amazing views in Shoaab Alromi and see live sharks in a place called sanjaneb.

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