Port Dover

Port Dover is a community in Norfolk County, in Ontario, Canada.


The pier down by the beach offers a great view of Lake Erie during nice weather. It's generally a draw for tourists in the area.


Port Dover is a popular destination for anglers and generally maintains a "fishing community" feel. Although not a large enough town to enjoy much of a night life, many of the locals and people from surrounding communities tend to enjoy spending time at the pier and along the beaches. 'Dover is also a good place for sailing and most people with pleasure craft in the area tend to use the town as a port.

Port Dover is perhaps best known in Southern Ontario (and even further abroad) by the special events held every Friday the 13th (a date considered significant because the movie Friday the 13th was filmed in Port Dover). Each time a Friday the 13th arrives on the calendar a mass exodus of bikers is seen from cities as far away as Ottawa and even parts of the United States (New York State and Pennsylvania being the closest).

Thousands of bikers (either die-hard members of biker groups or merely businessmen who own a motorcycle for fun) get together and spend a day or two partying, drinking, BBQing and displaying their bikes for others to see.

It can be a fun occasion for all involved, especially if you own a bike. It's an excellent example of bonding, and allows people from all walks of life to enjoy each other's company and celebrate their mutual interests.

Despite the negative image generally given to biker culture, the risk of crime at one of these events is low. Aside from occasional drunken brawls you can expect next to no crime. The bikers will generally look out for each other's rides and won't tolerate any nonsense from anyone else.


Port Dover has a fair number of tourist shops selling the usual fare of trinkets and odds & ends. You can find a number of shops dedicated to angling and sailing, and the town is a good place to go if you're in the market for a new boat or rod.


The fish and chips available at most restaurants in Port Dover are absolutely excellent. Try the lake perch - sometimes hard to find but definitely worth it.

Port Dover is also a good place to go for a hot dog. There are usually several well-known stands set up near the beach famous locally for offering huge and even unusual selections of condiments.


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