Pohang (포항(浦項)) is a city in North Gyeongsang (경상북도) in South Korea.

Guryongpo Beach


Pohang is a major industrial city on South Korea's east coast, about 110km (70mi) north of Busan and about 360km (230mi) southeast of Seoul. Pohang is home to POSCO, one of the world's largest steel companies, which sits prominently on the bay. It is well-known for POSTECH, a highly ranked engineering university, and Jukdo Market, one of the most popular fresh fish markets in Korea.

 Climate Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Daily highs (°C) 8.5 8.1 14.0 19.0 25.4 24.7 29.6 26.5 25.3 20.9 15.7 6.2
Nightly lows (°C) -0.6 1.1 4.8 10.2 15.1 18.8 22.9 21.7 18.6 13.3 7.4 -2.2
Precipitation (mm) 15.0 118.0 129.9 121.6 20.4 88.4 90.0 453.0 116.8 127.9 49.5 7.9

2014 Korea Meteorological Administration

Get in

By train

The train station in Pohang is located in the center of the city, across the street from the downtown shopping area. Trains run from Daegu (1.5 hours), Busan (2-3 hours) and Seoul.

By plane

The quiet Pohang Airport

Pohang Airport (포항공항) lies about 10km East of the city past Posco. Domestic flights only from Seoul Gimpo and Jeju island. To get there, take city bus 200 towards Guryongpo (구룡포).

By bus

Pohang Bus Terminal

There are two bus stations in Pohang.

Get around

By bus

Buses run regularly throughout Pohang and the surrounding areas. There are two kinds of buses: general buses (일반버스) and seat buses (좌석버스). Fare for the general buses are slightly cheaper than fare for the seat buses. General buses are painted blue and orange, and seat buses are painted green and gray. There are 31 bus lines.

General Bus routes

It can be difficult to figure out which bus to take if you only know your destination. Call 054-1330 for free travel information in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

By taxi

Taxis are relatively inexpensive as long as you are traveling within Pohang city limits. The base fare is ₩2,200 (₩2,400 after midnight) and it's increased in ₩100 increments based on distance and time.


The Hand of Harmony at sunrise. This is the easternmost point of the country.
Goryongpo Beach



Pohang at night


You don't have to stumble very far to find a drink in this town, or anywhere in Korea for that matter. If beer is your drink of choice, head for a HOF (호프, "hopeu"), which sells cheap Korean beer in pitchers alongside a selection of overpriced anju (안주) - fried chicken, fruit platters, nachos, or dried fish - an order of which is sometimes required. Soju is available anywhere beer is served. Liquor is not always easy to find. It's more popular with expats than Koreans, so heading for a foreigner bar is a safe bet. There are no enforced open-container laws in Korea, so if you're trying to save some cash buy a pitcher from the local Family Mart and head for Bukbu Beach or the nearest park.


The main area for nightlife. Several bars in the downtown area cater to the foreign crowd (mix of US military, foreign teachers, university students, and engineers), all with similar atmospheres and identical prices. The downtown area is divided into two main stretches - (1) from the train station to the post office, and (2) from the post office to yukgeori, the 6-way intersection.


From the downtown post office, head two blocks east past KB Bank to reach Koreatown. This area of the city thrives on the weekends, when it is packed with a fun-loving Korean crowd, young and old alike.




There are a few hotels within a ten minute walk toward town, mostly wedged in the network of small roads and alleys west of The Hand. These places start at approximately ₩40,000 per night and checkout can seem obnoxiously early after viewing sunrise and going back to bed. Pension accommodations can be found on the other side of town, past the broadcast stations along the shore. Getting to these will involve a little exploring. Pensions during summer start at about ₩70,000 per night per room.

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