Now that Serbia is greatly diminished from its historical boundaries, Podrinje is the most westerly region of the modern Republic of Serbia and abuts both Bosnia Herzogovina and Montenegro.


Other destinations


If you don't have a car and if you're in Užice or Zlatibor during touristic season, you may take these tours from one of the local tour agencies. Prices are about €7-15.


  1. Battle of Kadinjači monument - House on Drina - 365m Year river - Peručac lake - Mitrovac - Banjska stena
  2. Boat trip on a lake - Griffon vulture watching - Ice Cave - Zlatarsko lake
  3. Tošanska banja - Stopića cave (Serbian: Стопића пећина, Stopića Pećina) - "Staro selo" ethno village in Sirogojno - Gostilje waterfall
  4. Battle of Kadinjači monument - Ponikve military airport - Rujno Monastery - Vrutci lake - Šargan Eight railway - Mokra Gora - Jatarice - Drvengrad

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