Pocatello is a college town in Southeastern Idaho.


Named after a noted 19th Century Shoshoni chief, Pocatello is a working-class town with a strong railroad and trade union heritage. As such it has more of a blue-collar feel to it than the other major Idaho cities. At one time the city boasted the largest rail yard west of the Mississippi River. The city has a reputation for being a (slightly) more progressive enclave in otherwise conservative, Mormon-dominated Eastern Idaho.

Although the presence of Idaho State University in Pocatello unquestionably makes it a college town as well, student life is somewhat more sedate than in other college towns in the region such as Moscow, Idaho, or Missoula, Montana. The bar scene can be lively on the weekends, but don't expect to find too many raging frat house keggers here.

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Deleta - A rollerskating rink open at nights and during the day on non school days. Also has laser tag, a play area, video games, and a food court.

Outer Limits - Video games, small indoor roller coaster, laser tag, food and a play area.

McKee's - A pet store that also has an outdoor petting zoo. One can pet goats, sheep, pigs, llamas, donkeys, turtles, see ostriches, emus, miniature horses, and even a deer along with lots of chickens.

Fort Hall Casino - Owned and operated by the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes, and located on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation north of Pocatello, Fort Hall Casino is the only legal gaming facility in southern Idaho. Unlike in many Nevada casinos, where a minimum age of 21 is strictly enforced, 18-year-olds are allowed to gamble (but not drink) here.


Idaho State University is an important part of Pocatello.




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Pocatello tends to have more snow and more severe snowstorms than the other major cities in Idaho (although not as severe as places like Stanley). Given that and the city's hilly landscape, driving can be a challenge in the winter.

The Pocatello area is also subject to inversions in the winter months. This, combined with the output of nearby fertilizer plants, can make air quality an issue.

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