Plauen is the biggest city of the Vogtland in the federal-state of Saxony (Freistaat Sachsen). It is famous for its lace industry.


Plauen was founded by Sorbs. It was a booming Germany city in the early 20th century because of its lace industry. At this time it was one of the biggest cities in Germany and was a home to a lot of rich people. World War I and World War II destroyed more than 75% of the city. Because of its proximity to the inner German border during the cold war it was a base to Russian soldiers. The first demonstrations against the DDR and divided Germany started here. Today it is home to around 66000 people.

Get in

By plane

Unfortunately it is not very convenient to reach Plauen by plane. From a lot of European destinations you can go to Dresden, Leipzig, Nuremberg and take a train from there towards Plauen. But it will take at least 1.5 hours.

By train

Plauen oberer Bahnhof (Plauen upper station) is served by a lot of local trains. Also it is a stop on the InterregioExpress Nuremberg - Dresden. Plauen also has some smaller train stations, but they are less interesting for travelers, except you are coming from Gera. From the main station it is an 10 min walk to the city center.

By car

Plauen can be reached without problems by car from the rest of Germany. It is well connected with the German highway system (A72).

By bus

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Get around


In the center, especially in the historic part in Old Town (Altstadt), everything is easily accessible by foot.

By bus and tram

There is a combined system of tram (called Straßenbahn) and bus. See Plauener Strassenbahn GmbH. A single ride on all tram and bus lines for 45min is 1.20€. There is no reason for a day ticket but you can purchase one for 4.60€.

By car

The street network is very good and many roads have been refurbished recently. Except during the Christmas shopping time and at some festivals you will always find a parking space.

By bicycle

There are some lanes for bicycles but keep in mind that Plauen is a very hilly city.


After the reunion of Germany a lot of old buildings have been restored.



If you want to buy some “Plauener Spitze” there is a factory outlet for lace. In the city center you can find a typical German Shopping Mall (Stadt Galerie) with lots of shops. On the Bahnhofstrasse and around the city hall you will find some smaller shops.


There are many Restaurants within the city. Some famous ones are:


There are a lot of places to drink. Once you are in Plauen or in the Vogtland you should try the local beer called “Sternquell”.



Youth Hostels - HI Hostel:


Stay safe

Plauen is very safe in general. You can also walk around the city center and most other parts late at night without having any worries. Simply enjoy the city.


Local telephone code is 03741.

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