Pisco is a medium sized town on the Southern Coast of Peru just south of Lima. This fisher town itself has little to offer to tourists and is best used only as a starting point for a trip to the Ballestas Islands and possibly the nearby salt desert and national reserve, Paracas.

Get in

By Bus

Most of the buses on the Pan-american Highway from Lima to Ica, Nazca, Arequipa etc. won't leave this road, dropping you of at the junction about 4 miles outside town, from where you can pick up a local bus or taxi.

Some buses from Lima (3-4hrs) do go in to town and there are local buses to Ica.

By Taxi

You may be able to negotiate a taxi to take you from Lima to Pisco for around 200 soles. This can be a lot more comfortable especially if you are going to arrive in the dark.



You should try Pisco, which is the national drink of Peru, and as the name implies, was first made in this city. Pisco sour is an excellent peruvian invention too. You might be able to try it somewhere else (Chile) but it will probably not be as good.


Stay Safe

The "tourist safe" area seems to be the 2-block radius around the Plaza de Armas. Paracas seems safe as well.

Numerous locals warned us about watching our bags, and even just walking in the market area and beach. Tuk tuks are recommended for safe, cheap travel through the sketchier parts of town.

Go next

By Bus

A few buses a day go to Ayacucho in the Andes, passing the Inca ruins at Tambo Colorado 2 hours away. To get one of these buses you have to catch a taxi (10-12 Soles) up to San Clemente, a scruffy junction of a town; watch your bags. Two bus companies go to Ayacucho, but Molina is recommended over the other. It provides night service, with buses leaving at 11:30p, 12:00am and 12:30am. The trip takes 7 hours. For semi-cama service, 40 Soles.

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