Hotel Piriapolis, a Cultural Heritage Monument

Piriapolis is a small beach town between Montevideo and Punta del Este in Uruguay. It is a more laid back version of Punta del Este with fewer fancy restaurants and clubs.

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By bus

Piriapolis is about 100 km/65 miles east of Montevideo. From the terminal "Tres Cruces" buses depart about every hour during the day , specially in the high season (December to March). Try to get a direct one, they are a little more expensive but you'll get there in less than two hours. If you travel to Piriapolis directly from Motevideo's airport, it is about 80 km/50 miles but not all the buses that depart Montevideo "Tres Cruces" station stop by the airport so you need to plan accordingly. If you are staying in Punta del Este, then Piriapolis is about 55 km/35 miles west and bus service is also good . Having the hotel arrange a day trip from Punta del Este to Piriapolis is an option. Costs of these day tours would be about triple what the bus ticket costs by itself but still very reasonable.

By plane

If you land in Punta del Este airport, then Piriapolis is only 25km/15 miles west. Ironically,this airport is closer to Piriapolis than Punta del Este and for those lucky enough to get a connection through, it is an option. Flights usually come from Buenos Aires and Brazil only, and mostly during the high season.

By car

From Montevideo take Route Interbalnearia through 2 tolls (local currency only, about U$ 2 each), turn south at the Piriapolis exit at about mile marker 56 and then just enjoy the drive for another 15km/10 miles. You'll see the city in the distance. From Punta del Este, drive west until about 15km/10 miles past the airport. You must turn south on either the west or east entrance. Both ways are a 10km/6 mile country drive to the city.

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