Piedmont (North Carolina)

Piedmont is the central flat region in North Carolina.



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The Piedmont is, in more ways than one, a transitional zone. It is located in between the Deep South (the Hollywood version of Southern culture) and the Mid-Atlantic coastline. It also represents a gradual transition from the Appalachian mountain range toward the coastal area. Therefore it seems rather "in-the-middle" culturally and politically. Standard rules of Southern culture -- pronounced etiquette, slower speech patterns, relatively conservative social standards -- are present, but not nearly as overbearing for visitors as one might expect to find in other areas.

Due to the strong banking industry, mild climate, and natural resources, it has become a desirable destination for companies and families to relocate from the Northeast and Midwest.


English is standard in almost all areas. Some districts have become bilingual due to the recent influx of Spanish-speaking immigrants; these areas tend to be clustered around the urban centers. Charlotte also has a high Vietnamese population.. It is very difficult to get along outside the urban areas without conversational English skills.


Nature lovers will like Charlotte. The area, unlike most cities is very (with the stress on VERY) green. Charlotte's central location is nice, you aren't too far from the mountains or beach. The closest (large) bodies of water and waterways are:

Old Salem- Visit this 1800 style neighborhood and check out the college.Learn how to make corn pancakes and play old fashion games.

Tour Greensboro's historic Blandwood Mansion, have lunch at one of several restaurants on South Elm Street (three blocks east), then visit art and antique galleries along South Elm Street between Elm and Lee streets. 5 hours.


A local favorite is Cheerwine soft drink, you should give it a try. Other favorites include Sun Drop and RC Cola. As for beer, Char-Meck is nothing out of the ordinary. Liquor is available by the drink throughout the county, though some nearby small towns have wrestled with whether to permit it.

Be aware that liquor is only available through state-sanctioned "ABC" (Alcoholic Beverage Commission) stores. Therefore, traditional "liquor stores" do not exist. Wine and beer are available for purchase at any gas station or grocery store.

Stay healthy

Allergy sufferers be warned; because of the heavily wooded nature of this region, this area will be hell on you during the spring. If you are sensitive to high pollen levels, you should consider coming another time, or bring medicine.

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