Petersburg (Alaska)

Petersburg Harbor

Petersburg is a small fishing town in the Southeastern region of Alaska.



 Climate Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Daily highs (°F) 36 38 42 50 57 62 64 63 57 49 40 36
Nightly lows (°F) 26 27 30 34 40 46 49 48 44 38 31 27
Precipitation (in) 11.5 7.4 8.5 6.0 5.9 4.9 5.2 7.2 13.7 15.7 12.2 11.1

   Data from NOAA (1981-2010)

Get in

By plane

Alaska Airlines provides two daily jet flights, and various float plane and air charters also serve the area.

By boat

One of the charms of Petersburg is that it doesn't have a deep water port, so it's not accessible by big cruise ships, but some smaller ships stop there. The Alaska Marine Highway provides regular ferry service.

Get around

There is a local taxi and some local shuttle services. The local roads are also nice for bicycling, although the size of the island limits the overall distance one can travel. Rental cars are available from both the hotels in town. Boats can even be rented from the Scandia House.



As Petersburg is located on the south end of Frederick Sound, where many humpback whales summer, it is an ideal starting point for whale watching. Although it's less comfortable to be out on the sound during rougher weather, days with lots of waves are better for seeing aerial displays.


Because Petersburg doesn't have a deep water port, it doesn't get the large cruise ships; thus, it isn't overrun with the large cruise line operated tourist shops that plague many such coastal towns. There are a few little locally owned galleries with local artists, and a bookstore with some nice coffee table books, but most of the town actually exists for the local population.



There are two bars open to the public. Harbor Bar is located on main street and Kito's Kave is a short distance away on Sing Lee Alley. There are Moose and Elk's lodges for members as well. All establishments are smoke-free as of 2010.


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