Peterborough (Ontario)

The Peterborough Clock Tower, a local landmark

The City of Peterborough is considered the hub of the Kawarthas, as well as being the region's major business, education, cultural, and health care centre. This is a varied community -- a retirement city, but at the same time a university and college city. It has a permanent population of approximately 80,000.


Considering that Peterborough is located between two major Canadian cities (Toronto and Ottawa), it has managed to maintain a small-town friendly feel to it. By many, Peterborough is considered a retirement community; however, during the school year there is a thriving student population, both domestic and international. Peterborough with its relaxed atmosphere and laid back attitude allows the days to go by unnoticeably. There is a big arts community in the city also, meaning Peterborough is the best place in Central and Southern Ontario to create a band, become an artist and simply showcase your talent.

Get in

The city of Peterborough is reachable by Greyhound intercity bus services from Toronto (8 times a day) and Ottawa (approx. 2X a day). Go Transit provides bus service between Peterborough and the Oshawa GO Train Station.

The two main highways into Peterborough are Highway 115 from Oshawa and Toronto and Highway 7 from Ottawa. Highway 28 forms a central spine through the Kawarthas and also runs through Peterborough.

Get around

The City of Peterborough has a fairly inconvenient public transit system, though they have made efforts to improve it in recent years. Adult bus fare is $2.50 as of January 2013, and the buses run to and from downtown bus terminal every 40 minutes, but are often either late or early, so arrive in advance. One positive aspect about the centrally located bus terminal is that the buses wait for each other, and depart at the same time. This is the leading cause for their sporadic times, but it is convenient if you need two buses to go somewhere. Getting from downtown to Trent University is much easier, as there is a separate bus system, Trent West, and Trent East. During the school year they run every 10-20 minutes. Trent Weekend runs every 30-60 minutes on the weekends, and the holiday schedule is similar. Peterborough downtown is walking-friendly, and most of the attractions and parks are within walking distance. Any farther trips will require a car or the transit bus. Lots of people bike around also, which is strongly encouraged, especially in the warmer months of the year.

There are good bike paths leading north west out of the downtown core, through Jackson's Park, that continue for several kilometers to the outskirts of the city. There is also a bike path along the east side of the Trent River that leads up to Trent University and, beyond that, all the way north to Lakefield.

Hailing a cab in downtown Peterborough is somewhere between difficult and impossible, so your best bet is to call in advance.


The Peterborough Lift Lock



Trent University

Trent University is a small university with faculties in Arts, Business, Education and Science and Technology. It is best known for its undergraduate studies in humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. The main campus occupies a beautiful spot spanning the Otonabee River in the far north end of the city (head out Water Street past the zoo and turn at Nassau Mills Road).

Fleming College is a College of Applied Arts and Technology. Its main campus is located in the south-west corner of the city, off Brealey Drive.


In the last several years Peterborough downtown has seen a rapid expansion of the food industry and it now presents a unique opportunity to try out various cuisines for various prices. Hunter Street, between George and Aylmer, escpecially now boasts a wide variety of places to eat. Remember, though, the downtown core has much more to offer in variety and authenticity than mall strips, like Lansdowne and Chemong.


Hunter St Cafe District

Again, Peterborough's small size is not a reflection of its excellent choice of watering holes. Again, a list:


Stay safe

While most of Peterborough remains relatively safe, the downtown core, with a high number of bars in close proximity, has become a little more dodgy in recent years. There has been a marked increase in vandalism, generally to nearby shops, and sometimes to parked cars. It's advised to leave the downtown core before the bars close and drunken patrons fill the streets looking for taxis or mischief. Be advised that the Galaxy Cinema is located in the same general vicinity as these bars. Be alert and careful when leaving a long running late show.

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