Olinda, one of the state's most important historic towns

Pernambuco is a state in Northeast Brazil.


Pernambuco regions - Color-coded map
São Francisco Valley
Caruaru, Gravatá, Bonito and Nova Jerusalém
Grande Recife
Recife, Olinda and Igarassu, and the beaches of Itamaracá Island, Porto de Galinhas, Cabo de Santo Agostinho
Zona da Mata
historical sugarcane plantations, São Benedito do Sul waterfalls


Pernambuco's main touristic attractions are in Recife (state capital), Olinda, Porto de Galinhas and Fernando de Noronha. A plethora of other cities and towns are also of touristic interest.

Other destinations

Vale do Catimbau


Besides having some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, Pernambuco also has a rich history (including Olinda, one of the oldest cities in Brazil, plus Portuguese, Dutch and Jewish heritage in Recife, etc.) and a strong popular culture found in its folklore, food and handicrafts. The official tourism site of Pernambuco has some detailed information (in Portuguese only) on the state.

Get in

By road

BR 101 is a main Brazilian Federal road who connects Recife with São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador on the south leg; and Natal, Joao Pessoa on the north leg. The state also has BR232 and BR 408 which connects with another state cities and Campina Grande (BR408).

By air

Recife has a large international airport with daily non-stop flights to Lisbon, Madrid, Miami, almost all Brazilian state capitals; and also has seasonal charters from Frankfurt, Milan, Paris and Buenos Aires. Caruaru, Petrolina and Fernando de Noronha have regional airports.

By sea

You can arrive in cruise ships at the Port of Recife or at the Fernando de Noronha Archipelago. The cruises come from Europe (usually Lisbon and Malaga) or from the Americas (usually Miami, Buenos Aires and Santos).

By river

You can arrive in Petrolina via the São Francisco River. The navigable part of the river covers the states of Minas Gerais, Bahia and Pernambuco.



Stay safe

Pernambuco has the highest murder rate of any Brazilian state, a whopping 50.7 per 100,000. Be cautious in many areas of the state.

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