Perissa is yet another sea-side village (or rather: tourist waterhole). It has a long black sand, which is great to look and hot to lie on. There are all the usual water based activities plus a regular water taxi to take you round the headland to the neighboring town of Kamari.

Get in

Taxi, Bus from the Boat Stop ot from Thira, Oia; mini-bus offered by the (funny) touts viz. hostel representatives when you stumble down from the ferry. You can *not* easily walk over to Kamari, as there's quite a hill in between - water taxi, an endless bus ride or wiking it is! The taxi from the Port takes about 15 minutes and should cost no more than €15

Get around

Once in the town of Perissa, it is easy to rent a scooter, or take a taxi, although it is sometimes difficult to locate a taxi because the town is small. Walk in Perissa is also difficult as there isn't sidewalks to pedestrians. Even in the coast street you have to walk with the cars at the same place. Take care mainly during the evening when sometimes the motorcycles and scooters are running everywhere.

ATVs and scooters are the most popular options of travel on the island. Tourists can be seen driving ATVs on the main roads, which are safe to drive. Local drivers are courteous and will pass tourists on ATVs without causing too much of a commotion. Even though the main roads are paved, it is not well lit, so it is recommended that ATV pilots return back to the safe confines of their hotels before sundown.

Local busses are available for tourists and locals alike. Public busses are actually large, air-conditioned green tour busses. Public busses use Fira as a hub and spoke out to the smaller towns from there.





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