Penza Oblast

Penza Oblast (Russian: Пе́нзенская о́бласть PYEHN-zeen-skuh-yuh OH-bluhst’) is a region in the Middle Volga, bordering Tambov Oblast to the west, Ryazan Oblast to the northwest, Mordovia to the north, Ulyanovsk Oblast to the east, and Saratov Oblast to the south.


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Penza is the first major stop in Russia on the South Ural route of the Trans-Siberian Railway, which starts in Kharkiv. Daily overnight trains from Moscow take 13 hours and arrive around 09:00.

Penza's modest airport services flights to/from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Saratov.


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The next major stop to the east on the South Ural route of the Trans-Siberian Railway is Samara.

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