Paulino Neves

Paulino Neves is a tiny town in Maranhão. Mostly a stopover between Parnaíba and Lençóis Maranhenses, it is trying to develop as a destination of its own. Sand dunes and lakes in the surroundings, much easier to access than those of Barreirinhas.

Get in

From São Luis, take a bus from the Rodoviaria to Barreirinhas.

The route to Paulino Neves from Barreirinhas is full of great adventure! There does not exist a paved road, and so the route is done using 4x4 trucks which travel on trails that go through the dunes and countryside. The trip varies from 1:30 to 2 hours depending on time of year, because there are trails for winter and summer.

Access from Piauí is much easier because the state has a paved road linking Paulino Neves and Tutóia. The trip varies from 30 to 40 minutes, and can be done with any vehicle.

It is fairly easy to find transport along the beach to Caburé. Hiring a truck with driver should be about R$ 150, taking at least 8 people. Otherwise look for a truck gong there to pick up a group. The ride should be R$ 20 per person, -negotiable.

See and Do

Walk the sandy streets. Visit with locals and get a sense of Brazilian culture and simplistic living.
Swim in the river, Rio Novo. If you feel courageous; -jump from the bridge!
Visit Pequenos Lençóis. See the brilliant white sand dunes with fresh water lagoons in the wet season (May-September)

Kayak to the Mangrove forest. See monkeys and exotic birds.
Relax by the Rio Novo at the few river bars and restaurants.
Take a boat ride on the Rio Novo.



The locals come together on Wednesdays and Saturdays, -the latter drawing more people. Follow the noise.



Slow internet by the bridge, R$ 2,50/hour.

Go next

You can walk a couple of kilometers across the dunes to the beach.

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