Patras (Modern Greek: Πάτρα, Greek pronunciation: [ˈpatra], Classical Greek and Katharevousa: Πάτραι (pl.)) is the third largest urban conglomeration of Greece, (after Athens/Piraeus and Thessaloniki). It is the capital of the Prefecture of Achaia on the Peloponnese and the western gateway into the country, thanks to numerous ferry connections with Italy.

Get in

By plane

Patras' own   airport is located on the military base of Araxos (IATA: GPA), some 40 kilometers to the south, but this receives only seasonal charter flights from various locations in Europe. For regular flights, Patra is served by Athens International Airport, some 250 kilometres to the east.

By boat

Patras is linked by ferry to the Italian ports of (south to north) Brindisi, Bari, Ancona and Venice, with numerous sailings daily year-round. Service to Trieste has been discontinued.

For the ferry frοm Ancona to Patra you will e.g. pay for a single person about 40€ winter/60€ summer. Local ferry services offer daily sailings from Patras to the Ionian Islands. Corfu is served by the International ferries on their way to and from Italy.

By car

Patras, located in the northeastern corner of the Peloponnese is connected to Athens by road via Corinth on the 8a National Road (corresponding to the E65 and E94 European Routes. To the south, Patras is connected by road to Amalias, Pyrgos and Olympia and further to Kalamata. The construction of a new bridge linking Rion (on the Peloponnese) to Antirrion (on the Central Greek mainland) has been in operation since 2004 and carries the E55 European route, linking Patras with points in Central Greece and Epirus (and onward to Albania) including the port of Igoumenitsa.

By train

A narrow gauge train line runs through Patras southwards to Olympia and Kalamata and westwards to Athens and the port of Piraeus. the Slow Train to Athens costs about 5 € and it takes you there in 4,5 hours.

By bus

Near to the port and main train station at the corner of Zaimi Str. and Othonos Amalias Str. lies the   intercity bus station known as KTEL. KTEL buses connect Patra and other major Greek cities as well as serving transportation between Patras and towns in Achaia.

Get around

The city bus service in Patra can be slow and unpredictable, lacking definitive timetables. Information can be found from the small booth in front of port, near the Intercity bus terminal.Ticket cost depends on the zone you travel to.The cost is 1.10 euros within the city (if you buy the ticket from kiosks (Greek "periptera") but more expensive if you buy it on the bus)and 1.50 euro to Rio (approx. 1.90eu on the bus). Generally prefer the Ktel and not the Urban bus because they are very slow and expensive. The railway goes to Rio too. The railway is infront of the port.You can also take a taxi.The lowest tariff of the taximetre is 3.00 eu. You can find all the transport modes available in Patras (bus lines, taxis, railway etc.) at


The restored Roman Odeon of Patra
Cathedral Agios Andreas (Saint Andrew) in Patra
The new Archaeological Museum
Rio-Antirio bridge

Notable sights include:


The wide array of special events, exhibits, festivals, and various ongoing presentations, continue to delight large numbers of travelers annually, all of which have been designed to show the city of Patras at its best. For those who have never experienced the city, it is one of the best examples of a true Greek city. In addition to its tourist industry, Patras relies heavily on agriculture, its prolific wine country, and its busy shipping industry. However, it is also renowned for its colorful Carnival Season and how it has preserved the performances of ancient Greek theater, held every year in February–March. Being the city’s flagship during the last 170 years, it is without any doubt the greatest local celebration and has long been widely acknowledged in Greece and abroad.

Rooting in ancient Greece, Patras' carnival (as every other Greek carnival) is connected to the worship of Dionysus, god of wine and celebration. The carnival events, starting on 17 January every year and lasting until Ash Monday, are either programmed by the Municipal Committee of Carnival Events, or planned by the citizens and supported by the spontaneity, the inspiration and the creative ability of the inhabitants of Patras themselves. Patras' carnival draws its invigorating energy from the great numbers of participants (more than 30,000), which makes it the most famous in Greece.

Additionally, Patra hosts the Panachaiki soccer team which hosts games at the Pampeloponnisiako Stadium, so natives as well as visitors can stop by and catch a game. If you're interested in going for a stroll along the water, one can venture over to the Molos port walk where there are benches to sit and enjoy the scenery and a cafe at the end of the port where you can sit and wait for your boat enjoying the water.


The city of Patras can provide modern staff by vintage shops.Patras is the best shopping city because all the stores are in the town hall.You can find all the brands.Patra's stores are a litle bit more expensive but they provide good quality.In Patra you can find *Christian Dior *Gucci *Channel *DnG *La Martina *Fred Perry *Replay *Diesel *Miss Sixty *Energy *Levi's *Fred Perry *Polo Raulph Loren *Tommy Hilfiger (big Variety) *Staff jeans and Co.(Greek Brand) *LAK (Greek Brand) * BSB *UCB etc.You can also find all the street brands such as *DKNY *Oneil *Volcom *Converce *DC *Vans etc.,The town provide also shops like *Zara *Bershka *Pull And Bear *Stradivirus *Sprinder (Greek Shops(Balkanian Brand))*Marcks And Spencer.Finally Patras biggest Mall is *Notos Galleries and *Hondos Center (for perfumes and cosmetic),*Duty Free are open for guest also!

Night Life


Patras is well known for the wines produced by the Achaia Clauss wine factory and especially for a variety called Mavrodafni. Visitors should also taste the local liqueur called Tentoura which is usually served as a digestive.

Some of the best places to get a drink, especially in the warm summer months is on the beach road in Rio. This strip of land is lined with bars and cafeterias catering to mostly Greeks. The clubs can get pretty packed, and usually European style music is played rather than Greek. Enjoy the views of the ocean and the Rio-Antirrio Bridge which is magnificently lit up on the weekends.

The city can provide a big varriety of coffee shops, especially in Agiou Nikolaou Str. (Saint Nikolaos Str.), Radinou Str., Marine (area called "Pelekaneika" in Iroon Politechniou Str.), Plateia Vasileiou Georgiou (King Georgios Square), Gerokostopoulou Str., Ipsila Alonia Square (Plateia Ypsilon Alonion), "Veso Mare" in Akti Dimeon Blvd, Koukouli area near Technological Institute of Patras etc.





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