Patan is a one of the largest cities in Nepal and is located just across the Bagmati river from Kathmandu. Confusingly, it is also known as Lalitpur, both names deriving from the Sanskrit "Lalitapattan". Like its larger neighbour, Patan also boasts a Durbar Square full of temples, statues, and palaces and, in addition, has the must-see attraction of Patan Museum. As a traditional center of handicrafts, Patan is a great place to purchase jewellery, Buddha statues and masks.

A view of Patan's Durbar Square.

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Note: Nepal Buses & Micro buses are not very good for handicapped people or the faint of heart. The people are very friendly, but the vehicles are very old & rough.

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Durbar Square

Map of Patan Durbar Square

Durbar Square is the Palace Square of Patan. Approaching the square from the south side you have the palace on your right and a series of temples on your left. (Admission to the area for tourists is Rs 500 as of Nov 2013). You should pay this at a booth at the south end of Durbar Square or at another entrance to the area further to the north. You will likely be approached by various square workers if your entrance ticket isn't visible. If you plan repeated visits and will be in Nepal for some time, get the ticket booth worker to endorse your entrance ticket for a longer period. You will likely have to show your passport and entry visa.

There is a confusing array of temples and other interesting items on the left-hand side of the square. Again, walking from the south end of the square, you pass:

  1. Two smaller temples dedicated to Vishnu, dating back to 1590 and 1652.
  2. A stone temple to Krishna, considered to be a masterpiece, with some amazing stonework. Note the Garuda on the pillar in front, which has eyes of crystal.
A view of the stone Krishna Temple with Garuda to the right.

South of Durbar Square

Suraschandra Mahavihar, Patan
Kontihiti Kumbheswar, Patan

North of Durbar Square

A view of the Golden Temple in Patan.
Bangalamukhi temple complex
Uma-maheswar Temple



Just wander around keeping your eyes open for all the amazing sights!


A fruit vendor, Lalitpur
Local vegetables




Lagankhel Market, Patan
Layeku Kitchen, Mangal Bazar, Patan


There are plenty of choices to have a good drink now in Patan. The popular Jhamsikhel and Jawalakhel areas house good bars with good music.


Teej festival

While most tourists stay in hotels in Kathmandu city centre when in the Valley, mainly concentrated in the tourist catchment area of Thamel and its vicinity, Patan which is 4 km from Thamel is fast becoming an area of preference for those in the know looking for more space and less chaos. Many of the expatriate communities live in the Patan area as the INGO's like the UN, DFID, GTZ are located there. The Swiss and Norwegian Embassies are also located in Patan.



A nice facade in Patan

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