Parque Nacional de Sete Cidades

Parque Nacional de Sete Cidades is in PiauĂ­, Brazil.



Created as a national park mainly because of the paintings, although most visitors find more pleasure in rock formations and wildlife.


The Elephant


Rainy season from January to June, March to May being the wettest. This leads to somwhat lower temperatures and more wildlife, but you could get your day completely ruined by walls of water.

Get in

The nearest sizeable towns are Piripiri and Piracuruca, both about 25 km away. You must take a taxi or mototaxi to the park from either of these two. Brasileira is a small town about 9 km from the park entrance. You can walk to the park from there. Yet taxi from Brasileira will cost you 30-100R, might double up as a transport/guide in the park.


A guide is mandatory, from R$ 25 for three hours.


Once inside the park, your only option is the hotel. There are several suitable places for picnics along the trails.


They sell some soft drinks at the visitors' centre. Here they will also refill your water bottles.



There is one hotel within the park:

, and another just outside. Otherwise, sleep in Piripiri(better if you rely on public transport) or Piracuruca.


At the hotel for R$10 per person.


Camping/hiking without a guide is probably illegal, discouraged (at least by a guard at the gate with a gun) and dangerous -- some kind of scary animals inside the park, yet there are people living just outside the fence.

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