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Parnaíba is a city in Piauí. Most tourists pass by here for visiting the river delta, or on their way between Lençois Maranhenses and Jericoacoara. However, Parnaíba has its own charm, including nearby beaches, and could be worth a couple of days.

Get in

By bus

A modern bus terminal lies on the southeastern outskirts of the city, where Rua Ceará Chaval and Avenida Deputado Pinheiro Machado intersect, about 5 km from the center. Most long distance buses are handled by Expresso Guanabara .

There is also a flourishing market for "alternative" buses, at somewhat discounted prices, by the downtown end of Avenida Capitão Claro (a continuation of Avenida São Sebastião).

By air

Airport at the northern outskirts of the city. Freshly launched airline Litorânea has turboprops flying to Fortaleza, São Luís and Teresina thrice weekly, and Camocim and Barreirinhas (Lençóis Maranhenses once a week. The chepest fares are from R$ 40 - 140, depending on destination.

By boat

There used to be a daily boat leaving for Tutóia on the western rim of the river delta. Now (August 2007) the only waterway alternative seems to be renting a motor launch at R$ 400 (up to 4 people). If you are on a budget, go by bus.

Get around


The northern part of the center, near the bridge and Praça Nossa Senhora das Graças, is quite pleasant with well preserved colonial buildings.


Take an evening stroll along Avenida São Sebastião, from the Balão (roundabout, also known by its restaurant, O Mirante.) towards the center. Dozens of snack bars. There is a cinema around the corner from Hotel Delta, showing the most mainstream from Hollywood.


Local handicraft specialties are made from a certain palm tree´s leaves.




A few places opposite the bus station, not very convenient unless you are only staying a night or two in between buses:

Following Av Dep Pinheiro Machado north there are several more, and then a couple along Avenida São Sebastião:

Higher standard options near and in the center, but also a few low costs, including a youth hostel:

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