Paraná is a state in southern Brazil. With its strong northern European heritage, its culture is probably unlike most foreigners' image of Brazil.


Regions of Paraná
The north "coast" borders the State of São Paulo. Water sports, fishing and leisure.
The west "coast" has the Iguaçu Falls and National Park, and the giant Itaipu power plant.
Iguaçu Valleys
Bordering the State of Santa Catarina, water sports on Lake Itaipu.
Central and South Central
This central region attracts rural tourism.
Campos Gerais do Paraná
Land of fields close to Curitiba. Curious rocky formations and canyons near Vila Velha.
Grande Curitiba
The metropolitan region contains the state's capital and its neighboring areas.
The state's coast has several bays and mangroves, the mountains of the Serra do Mar and its mata atlântica forests, as well as beaches and eco-tourism at Ilha do Mel


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Atlantic forests

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