Paradise Island

Artificial lagoon at Atlantis

Paradise Island is a small island just off of Nassau, Bahamas. It is dominated by the Las Vegas-style Atlantis resort, which is responsible for an amazing 11% of the Bahamas' GNP.

Get in

Paradise Island is connected to New Providence Island (Nassau) by two bridges (one incoming, one outgoing). There's an entrance fee of $1 per vehicle.

There is also a ferry from Paradise Island to the main land. The schedule for the ferry is somewhat regular, but they try to wait until it is filled before departure.

If you're sailing your own yacht, you can dock at Hurricane Hole Marina, which has 90 slips for yachts that can be over 200 ft in length.

Get around

Most people get around the island by taxi, plenty of which can always be found hanging around outside the resort entrances. Since this island is small, many choose to walk. There are car companies available for those who have ether large parties, have trouble getting around, or like to make a grand entrance. There's Bahamas Experience and Majestic Tours Unlimited Hillside Manor.


Atlantean invasion at The Dig

Sights within Paradise Island are concentrated almost exclusively in the Atlantis resort, and are accessible only to resort guests or to those who rent a day room for $220 and up (usable by a maximum of 4 people). While it's not too hard to sneak in even without a pass, the guards keep an eye out for visitors without pass bracelets and the odds of getting busted are high.



Marina Village


CHOP STIX. The cuisine is a mix of Chinese and Pacific taste. Fine Dining.

MESA. Another option for traditional foods mixed with Southwestern taste. Celebrity Chef, Bobby Flay. Fine Dining.

Mosaic, The Market Place, and Water's Edge. Casual Dining..



Courtyard at the Ocean Club

Stay safe

Beware the golf balls

Signs around the Ocean Club warn of the danger of getting bonked on the head by an errant golf ball, which is indeed probably the main security risk on this heavily policed patch of prime property. By Bahamian law, all beaches are public property, but you can expect to get hassled if you go as much as one step on to private manicured lawns.

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