Paracas National Reserve is a popular nature reserve on the Southern Coast of Peru. Paracas is also a very popular beach resort destination although the beach in the town itself is small and not clean. The town Paracas is also referred as El Chaco.

Get in

You can drive to Paracas from Lima witch will take around 4 hours. The other way to get there is by flying. The route is Lima-Pisco with the Airline LC Bucre.

Buses from Cruz del Sur and Oltursa have a busstation in Paracas and connections to Lima and Arequipa (and towns in between). Also there are minibuses to Ica, which are a bit cheaper and provide hotel-to-hotel service. Cheaper bus companies only go to Pisco, from where you can get a taxi to Paracas.


In the town there isn't much to see. The beach is not so nice, the town itself is still recovering from an earthquake (a lot of new hotels and big resorts are being built).


Explore the PenĂ­nsula de Paracas with a tour or on your own, for example on rented bike (which will cost around S/. 30 per day). Or take a 2h boat tour to the Ballestas Islands for around S/. 35.


Restaurants are all very expensive for Peruvian standards, but some do have a 'menu del dia' for S/. 7-14 (you have to ask because they will not tell you this and will just show their expensive a-la-carte menu).

Not much choice, mainly fish dishes.


Restaurants also serve drinks, but must charge a lot. Some have 'happy-hours' for mixed drinks, but the prices are very high. You can get cheaper drinks in the two minimarkets near the plaza.


Most options are really expensive, especially when you book them online. Better is to just show up and try to get a discounted price, which shouldn't be much of a problem in the low-season. Expect to pay around US$ 25-30 for a double in a two star hotel close to the beach. Bear in mind that some places shut down in the low season.

Stay safe

There isn't much to worry about in Paracas safety wise because there is not really a town like Mancora. There is no slum population there is only beach houses and beach resorts.

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