Papallacta is a city in Ecuador.

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Papallacta is located 67 km (40 mi) east of Quito on the route taken in 1542 by Francisco de Orellana. It crosses over the Andes through beautiful valleys on each side. Find a bus from Quito to Baeza or Tena and tell the bus driver/cashier that you want to get off in Papallacta. You can also take the bus from Cumbaya to Baños and hop of at Papallacta. It leaves every half half hour in from of the Supermaxi at the big roundabout in the north of the town. It costs $2,50 per person (2015).

The busstop at Papallacta, Ecuador, with the taxi's that will take you to the Termen 2.7 km uphill.

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A taxi from the bus stop at Pappallacta to the Termas costs $ 1.5 (2015). Ask the taxi drivers in advance, some will try to charge you more.


The thermal baths and the Reserva Ecologica Cayambe-Coca are the leading reasons to visit Papallacta. Otherwise, there aren't too many activities in this little town on the side of the hill.

The beautiful Reserva Ecologica Cayambe-Coca presents miles of lakes and trails in a preserved and secluded setting. Access/camping/fishing fees were $5 in 2007. This reserve receives support from The Nature Conservancy, USAID, Parks in Peril and Rumicocha Ecological Foundation. The reserve is located high in the Andes around 13,000 feet so it receives quite a bit of rain. Access points are located past Termas de Papallacta as well as near the summit on the Via Interoceanica (as you reach the summit, look for a cement hut 1/4 mile off the road to the north).



Trout is the most popular dish of the area.


There are a few hosteria's (small family run hotels) that are inexpensive. A few of them are located along the road from Quito to Papallacta. Ask the bus driver to stop in Papallacta and you will easily find one if you continue walking along the road.

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