Panglao is an island in the island province of Bohol.

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A taxi from the airport or ferry terminal will cost around ₱500, whilst the amazing local tuk tuks will set you back around ₱300, the latter is the most enjoyable of rides and takes about 25-30 min.


Panglao is famous for its world class diving locations and is home to numerous tourist resorts.

Panglao is visited by tourists for the pristine Alona Beach, from where tours can be organised to world famous diving sites.


Hinagdanan cave - there is a tiny lagoon inside a coral cave. Enjoy a dip in a fresh water. The cave is completely dark, the guides have a flashlight. The admission is around ₱20. To get here, you can take a bus or mini van towards Panglao island from Tagbilaran. If you tell them you are going to Hinagdanan cave, they will know what intersection to drop you off at.

Dolphin watching - boats leave from Alona beach at dawn and will take you to see dolphins having their morning exercise. It is important to book your boat a day ahead of time because the dolphins appear quite early.

Massages are available on the beach. ₱350 for an hour Swedish massage.



Panglao has some small souvenirs that you may want to get but if you want to get something memorable, yet short lived, try the fish, some of the best in the Philippines, the bars and restaurants along the beach are home to it all.



Accommodation on Alona Beach may be considered expensive for budget travellers, but that applies to many beaches in the Philippines.

Alona Beach, Bohol

Stay safe

Jadski - This is a money changer, internet café and souvenir shop located near the police office just off of Alona Beach. Credit cards should not be used there, as credit card number thefts have been reported by tourists after using it at that place.

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