Pampanga is a province in the Central Luzon region of the Philippines.


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To get to Candaba using your own car, take the North Luzon Expressway and exit at SM City San Fernando. Take the road going to Arayat/Cabiao until you reach the town of Sta Ana. There is a road beside Jollibee Restaurant leading to the town of Candaba.

To reach the bird sanctuary, take the road passing through the village of San Agustin and continuing to Apung Simang's place in the sanctuary.

If taking public transportation, ride the Sierra Madre bus which leaves in the afternoon from the station near the Monumento MRT station and takes passengers direct to the town. You can also ride other buses in going to Candaba: take buses that can stop at SM and Robinson San Fernando Pampanga, and from there ride a jeep that will take you to the town of Sta Ana. Jeeps that go to Arayat or Cabiao can drop off passengers at Sta Ana. From Sta Ana, take a tricycle near Jollibee fast food that brings passengers to Candaba. For a visit to the Candaba Bird Sanctuary, rent a tricycle in the Candaba town plaza.



Trek Mt. Pinatubo : Mount Pinatubo erupted in 1991 and is now open for tourism. It has an elevation of 1,485 m (4,872 ft) and a beautiful crater lake where you can swim. This trek can be done as a day tour if you leave very early on the morning.

Bird watching at Candaba: The best time to go bird watching is on the early morning, around five to seven in the morning when bird activity is at its peak and the heat is not intense. Late afternoons are also a good time for this. Must brings are hiking footwear and clothes, and a good pair of binoculars or telescope. The avid birdwatcher might also want to bring his or her field notebook, pencil and camera. Expect to pay a fee at the bird sanctuary of at least Php 150.

Migratory birds are best seen in the marsh from November-February. The marshland is flooded during the rainy season, usually September-October, when the bird sanctuary becomes submerged and inaccessible.

Visit the churches of the province: Pampanga is host to many old and beautiful churches. The oldest and largest of which is the Lubao Church, which was built in 1570 and boasts a fine altarpiece. The most beautiful, however, is the Betis Church which is often tagged as the "Sistine Chapel of the Philippines" because of its painted wall and ceilings, and its sumptuous retablo. The Bacolor Church is famous for being cut in half by the lahar flows from Mt. Pinatubo. Other notable churches include San Luis Church, Guagua Church, Sta Ana Church, Apalit Church, Arayat Church, Sta Rita Church, Angeles Church, and San Fernando Cathedral.


Cultivated freshwater fish are a major product of Candaba. As of the moment there are no restaurants in Candaba that serve them, although you can buy them at the public market and cook at home. Tilapia, mudfish or bulig, native and African catfish, kanduli, carp, and gourami can be bought fresh in the public market. Don't forget the local buro (fermented rice and fish mixture) which goes well with the fish. A typical buro platter consists of buro sauteed with garlic and onion, roasted bulig, and fresh mustard leaves. Must-buys too are the freshwater prawns, and occasional lotus stalks which can be sauteed in garlic, onion, and tamarind sauce. Ducks are also a big industry in the area, and their ebun buru, or salted eggs, have a delicate taste and are less salty. Eat with rice and tomatoes. There is also an afternoon stall at the public market where you can buy ready-to-eat fried quail, which goes well with beer or wine. Foodies looking for game bird dishes will be disappointed to know that the municipal government has banned the hunting of wild birds in the municipality.


There is no nightlife in Candaba, although one can try the few local videoke bars and order a couple of cold beer to get a taste of rural Pampanga.

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