Packing for a cruise

Wikivoyage has a general article about packing lists, but traveling on cruise ships can be very different from other modes of travel. You'll probably be sleeping in the same cabin for the whole trip, so the need to "pack light" might not be as great as it would be if you were schlepping your bags from city to city. But the environment of a cruise ship is an unusual one, with some atypical requirements of what to bring... and not to bring.

These suggestions make most sense if you're cruising somewhere sunny. Depending on your destination and how you like to travel, some of the items may not be useful to you, and there are inevitably additional items you'll want to bring along. But this should give you some ideas about how to pack.



Virtually all cruise ship cabins have a phone offering a wake-up service - usually automated. It will automatically be set to "ship's time", so you'll have no "excuse" to be late for something, even if your room doesn't have a window or you've changed time zones. A travel alarm won't likely be needed.


Depending on the ship you may be able to buy items you need on the trip on-board. On the other hand the choice is probably smaller and prices higher than at home or even in the ports.

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