Pachuca (also Pachuca de Soto) is a city of 320,000 people in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico.

Get in

By plane

Pachuca is serviced by Mexico City International Airport. There is a comfortable shuttle bus which can be boarded directly from the airport, giving hourly service to and from Pachuca. Depending on traffic conditions, it takes about an hour or two to arrive at this town.

By train

Currently, there is no passenger train service.

By car

Pachuca is situated about 90 kilometers (56 miles) north of Mexico City. The road is flat with very few curves. Because it is a toll-highway, it's usually in good conditions.

By bus

Pachuca is easy to reach by first class bus from several cities in the region, including from Mexico City's North station and Puebla's CAPU station (~2h, M$ 200). From the bus station, take a taxi or one of the combi minivans (M$ 7.5) to get to the old city center.


Reloj Monumental (Clock Tower)

Mining Museum

English Cemetery


"Pastes". Derived from the Cornwall "Paistie" (but pronounced with a short "a" and "e",) this foodstuf is close to a baked empanada and was popularized by English miners who took them as ready to eat treats for their lunch inside Hidalgo's silver mines. The original ones having been filled with a mixture of leek, potatoes and ground meat, or well with beans, the variety has grown to a somewhat larger assortment. Though there are literally hundreds of establishments selling pastes in Pachuca, "Kiko's" and "El Duque" are strongly recommended. Inquire about chilli pepper content before tasting.



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