Păltiniș is a resort town in Transylvania, Romania, 35 km from Sibiu.


At 1440 m in altitude, Păltiniș is the highest mountain resort in Romania. It is also the oldest, founded by Germans in 1894. Păltiniș is a very well organised resort and includes 4 hotels, 6 chalets and 17 villas, as well as many bars and shops. It is delightful in winter's peak season, even though nature lovers may like the summer season better, when there are less visitors and you can stay outdoors for longer.

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Păltiniş is fairly easy to access from Sibiu and most tourists go there from Sibiu due to its proximity to the city. Bus 22 runs from Sibiu's central railway station four times a day and roughly every four hours. The bus trip is comfortable and, although buses are infrequent, they are appropriately timetabled at convenient times. If you're coming by bus for a day trip, make you sure you know when your return bus is.

In any case, you can also catch a taxi to Păltiniș from Sibiu. Although more expensive than the bus, taxis won't break your budget as long as you set the fare with the driver beforehand (on unmetered taxis), although you may have trouble getting a ride back to Sibiu.

En route to Păltiniș from Sibiu you go through Rășinari, a typical romanian village, birthplace of Octavian Goga and Emil Cioran.

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