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Oxapampa is a town in Peru.


Oxapampa is a city in the Pasco Region, 1814 meters above sea level. It is set on a fertile plain on the Río Huancabamba, a tributary of the Ucayali, 81 km from La Merced. A third of the inhabitants are descendants of a German-Austrian community of 70 families that settled in 1859 at Pozuzo, 80 km upstream, and spread later to Oxapampa.

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Oxapampa can be reached by bus. Within Oxapampa, you can get around by mototaxi or by bus.

Bus from Lima



Selvamonos Music and Arts Festival of Oxapampa. Selvámonos Festival is located at the foot of Chemillen Yanachaga Park, a protected area of ​​the Central Selva, and recognized as a biosphere reserve. The fifth edition of the music festival Selvámonos, with the sponsorship of UNESCO, will take place on 28th and 29th of June 2013. A total of 12 bands and 5 DJ's.



In Oxapampa you can expect fresh organic products and tasty German pastries.


The Oxapampa Sour at Otto's Bar is a real experience. Aguardiente (Cane Liquor).


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