Muang Xay

Inhabitants of Muang Xay giving alms to the monks in front of Phou That mountain

Muang Xay (ເມືອງໄຊ) (also ອຸດົມໄຊ Oudomxay, Udomxai, etc.) is the capital of the multi-ethnic Oudomxay Province, in the Nam Ko River Basin and surrounded by scenic mountains. It's the largest city in Northern Laos and, if you're travelling by land, you'll probably end up here at some point.


Get in

By plane

Lao Airlines has three flights a week to/from Vientiane (1 hr, full fare USD98). The local ticket reseller is in Litthavixay Guesthouse in the town centre on the main street.

By bus


In town

The stupa in Muang Xay
The stupa at full moon


Passage in Chom Ong Cave



Women selling handicraft articles in Muang Xay

The Thai Ly Handicraft Shop opposite the airport street has some very nice traditional fabrics, bags and clothes.



There are a number of decent guesthouses in town. Basic rooms with showers and hot water should cost around 40,000 kip. General room prices in the town centre including TV are around 40,000-70,000 kip. A few minutes from the bus station are places for 50,000 kip including TV and en suite baths. Be sure to bargain if they claim no TV or hot water is 50,000 kip or more.

Then again, as of September 2015 all the cheapest places seem to be asking 70,000 kip even in low season and whether or not they provide Wi-Fi. Haggling the price down by 10,000 is possible in some.


The Tourist Information Centre two doors from the bridge in the middle of town has free Wi-Fi, but closes at 5pm. Most, but not all hotels and guesthouses now provide Wi-Fi as of September 2015. There are several Internet shops in the city, all charging 400 kip/minute. Wi-Fi is available at Lithavixay Guesthouse quite cheap if you bring your own notebook.

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