Ouahigouya is a large town in North Burkina Faso, near the Mali border.


Ouahigouya was founded in 1757 and is the capital of Yatenga region. As the center of Mossi culture, Mooré is the common language. It is the fourth largest city in Burkina, and as the final major city in Burkina on the route to Mali, there is a constant flow of tourists and commercial travelers.

The town is dry and dusty, and there is a large barrage on the north side of town.

Get in

By bus

3000 CFA one way between Ouaga and Ouahigouya; 5500 CFA round trip

OHG can be approached from most directions and is also a hub for those traveling north to Mali. Check bus stations for times of departure and the rather large taxi brousse gare next to the SOGEBAF gare. This is the end of the paved road from Ouaga; the roads north to Mali, west to Tougan and Dédougou, and the road east to Djibo are all dirt





Relatively large but laid-back atmosphere in the middle of town. Its proximity to Ouaga provides a good variety of typical marché fare. The faux type factor is low, meaning that merchants’ starting prices are generally more reasonable than in Ouaga and Bobo. There is a large vegetable market with a good selection of seasonal produce. The marché closes on Friday afternoon but the vegetable market is open after hours


There are typical boutiques on every block and more substantial ones surrounding the market, but look on the paved road through town for gas station shops and larger stores offering tuna, cookies, jelly, oatmeal, cereal and many more tasty treats.


Sidi Madhi: good for copying stuff, especially pants and men’s dress shirts.He makes great man dresses (not fancy wedding/swear-in bubus...we’re talking lay-around-the-house-too-hot-for-real-clothes man dresses). Prices: 750f for a simple blouse, 1500f for pants, 1500f for a man dress, a little more for tanti-style dresses etc. To get there enter the market on the same side as the STAF gare and veggie market. Past the post/Western Union big entrance there are a couple of small entrances and then another one that is larger and the size of the Western Union one. The small entrance before this bigger one is where you go in and the second stall on the left is Sidi-Madhi’s stall or just go in near there and ask for Sidi Madhi. He has done a lot of stuff for past volunteers.



Many other standard bar/restaurants, kiosques and cafés (such as Auberge, Ciné Place, Hawaii Café) with decent food at reasonable prices can be found along the main road through town.

Street food and snacks

There are many “benga ladies” along the main road and around the marché with fewer as you leave the center town; typically they offer benga, rice and sauce, tô, spaghetti and sometimes meat soup; atchiéké is also a popular street food dish which can be found around town without too much effort. Gateaux, galettes, and various forms of fried dough and potato-like produce throughout the marché and surrounding areas. There is a guy near the post office who grills delicious chicken for 1500 CFA a pop. Also the Laiterie Kossam Yadega is well-stocked with consistently tasty milk products for sale; while enticing, don’t be fooled by the expensive gateaux for sale, it’s not worth the price.


There are many bars along the main route and throughout town serving standard fare (sobbra, flag, castel, Guinness, etc.) A few notables:



Post Office

Two large radio towers mark the site of the PO in the southern part of town. Open Mon-Fri 7:30AM – 12noon and 3PM – 5PM. Sat 7:30AM – 12noon. There is an internet café next door which is run by the post office (see below).

Internet Cafes



The BICIAB bank along the main route has a 24-hour ATM machine — it is not especially dependable, but does work.

Go next

To get to Mopti, in Mali, you'll need to get the daily minibus to Koro, which leaves at 6:30am (2500CFA). However, connections at Koro are unreliable and you might not arrive in Mopti till 6pm or later. Be prepared for a dusty journey, and if you can, get your Mali visa before travelling — the Malian officials on the border are likely to try to extract a bribe from you otherwise.

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