Oshkosh is in east-central Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Winnebago. Its unusual name has travelled far as the name of "Oshkosh b'gosh" clothing, and as a synonym for EAA Airventure, one of the world's great celebrations of aviation, held at the Wittman Regional Airport here.

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By plane

Oshkosh does not have any commercial air service, but Wittman Regional Airport (KOSH) can support any private aircraft that wish to land. If you plan to fly in here during Airventure, you will find yourself among tens of thousands of other aircraft doing the same thing. You absolutely must get the Airventure NOTAM from the Airventure website and follow it carefully.

Regional commercial air service is available in Appleton (ATW) which is 20 minutes north. In some cases it may be worthwhile to use Milwaukee (MKE), 90 minutes south, or Green Bay (GRB), an hour to the north, and come the rest of the way by road.

By car

Oshkosh is approximately 45 minutes south of Green Bay and 1.5 hours north of Milwaukee. The main north-south route, US 41, is scheduled to become an interstate highway in the near future. The main east-west route into Oshkosh is State highway 21.

By bus

Get around


The AirVenture grounds stretch for kilometers, literally. You will walk a lot. There are helpful trams that run north and south parallel to the flight line, and stop near many of the main attractions. The AirVenture map lists the routes. Cars aren't allowed on the AirVenture grounds, except by certain staff.

If you can bring a bicycle, it will make travelling around much easier. There is a bike corral about 200m from Theatre in the Woods in the direction of Camp Scholler. However, there aren't other bike corrals. This means that you may not be able to lock your bicycle in other places; you'll need to keep it with you as you explore.

For people who have a hard time walking, electric carts are available for rent from near the main gate.


Various attractions include:




EAA AirVenture, last Monday in July through Sunday. Sometimes known simply as "Oshkosh", it is one of the world's great aviation gatherings. A week-long aviation event offering seminars, product demonstrations, aircraft tours and daily airshows. One of the largest airshows in the world. Hundreds of thousands of people drive in, tens of thousands of aircraft fly in. A tent city sprouts under the wings of parked aircraft and beyond. Be on the alert for closed roads all around Wittman airport and Highway 41 during the festival. Hotels can be filled for tens of miles around, but local universities open their dorm rooms, and private homes their spare bedrooms, to the visitor. See the AirVenture and Chamber of Commerce websites for leads on housing. If you plan to fly in to Wittman airport during AirVenture, you must absolutely get the AirVenture NOTAM and follow it carefully.

Volunteering at AirVenture is a great way to experience the event at a whole different level. Flight Line Operations volunteers, clad in fetching orange vests, direct incoming and departing aircraft as they taxi between runway and parking. It's an exciting way to be close to a huge variety of noisy, smelly machines. Protect Our Planes volunteers walk among the planes on display, reminding visitors not to touch and perhaps damage the planes, or smoke near them. It's a way to help the festival while getting a good look at planes you wanted to see anyhow. And there are many other possibilities, too. AirVenture's Volunteering web page lists what you can do and how to register. Or, come to the Volunteer Information Center on the grounds and offer your services.

Forums are a held in a dozen open-walled lecture rooms to the north of AeroShell square. Experts and enthusiasts volunteer to deliver hundreds of talks on every conceivable aviation topic. Frequently the audience contains experts every bit as authoritative as the presenters. The AirVenture Today newspaper contains the full forum schedule for each day.




Wonderful staff, great and generous meals at a very fair price make this a Must Eat restaurant in Oshkosh.


Food courts are scattered at a dozen locations throughout the grounds. They can be broken into the "Brats and Burgers" and "Cafe" groups, each of which have similar menus. Prices are a bit inflated; a full lunch will be $8-10. All vendors operate out of stalls, and you eat on nearby picnic tables.

Vegetarian food and healthy food is hard to find at AirVenture. "Park Cafe", "Warbirds Cafe", and "Classic Cafe" offer a vegetarian wrap which is reasonably tasty at $8, but their "Chef's Salad" sadly has a stratum of ham. Pizza vendors usually have a cheese pizza option: see for example the pizza counters on the northeast corner of Hanger B and the southwest corner of Hanger A.



There are no bars or nightlife on the AirVenture grounds, except perhaps for private parties at various campsites.


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