Oryol (Russian:Eagle) is a city in the Chernozemye region of the Russian Federation. This regional capital is a destination for its clean air, old churches, and extensive literary and dramatic history.

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Oryol is located 368 km to the South from Moscow, on the way to Ukraine and Crimea. It is just a 5-hour drive from Moscow, the road is a 4-lane highway until Tula, often bumpy though, and then 2-3 lanes of a moderate quality. Alternatively, you can take an express commuter train from Kursky railway station in Moscow. It starts at 6PM and arrives at Oryol at 10:40PM There is also an overnight 'sleeping' train starting at 11PM and arriving before 6AM Generally, there are a LOT of trains passing Oryol from Moscow on their way to Ukraine. The fare is US$10-20-40 depending on the carriage class.

Firmenny sleeper train Turgenev № 603/604 rides between Oryol and Moscow daily.

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The central part of the city is pleasant and walkable. To travel around, locals choose between public buses, trolley-buses, trams and numerous minibus-taxies. Fares vary from a fixed US$0.33 (buses, trolley-buses and trams) to US$0.50 (minibus-taxies); however, you may prefer to move around by a private taxi (US$3-7 for trips within the city). The interesting means of transportation is a river tram, a boat shuttling on the river for tourist purposes but may be used for other ones. It goes from the Central Park to Luzhki aka Luzhkovsky Bridge at 10-00, 12-00, 14-00, 16-00, 18-00, 20-00 if there is no less than 10 passengers abroad.


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