Ordos City

Ordos City (Mongolian: ᠣᠷᠳᠣᠰ ᠬᠣᠲᠠ Ordos qota; Chinese: 鄂尔多斯市) is a city and prefecture in Inner Mongolia Province in China. Its main municipality is Dongsheng (东胜; Dōngshèng).


Kang Bashi Great Bridge

Ordos is the poster child of modern Chinese city planning. Monumental architectures line the center axis flanked by identical apartment blocks built by the dozens. Outside of China, Ordos is known as a "Ghost City". Whether Ordos is the way of the future or a very expansive make-work project is a question only answerable by those to come in person.

Since the name "Ordos" can refer to both the new city and the prefecture whose centre is actually the old city, Dongsheng, things can get really confusing. Ordos (the new city) is also referred to as Kangbashi New Area (康巴什新区). Mentioning Kangbashi can remove a lot of the ambiguity when communicating with locals.

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It is important to note that Ordos is the new city, whereas Dongsheng is the old city. The two cities are 30km apart, and the journey from one to the other takes 1 hour by bus. The train station is in Dongsheng while the airport is next to Ordos.

By plane

Ordos Ejin Horo Airport (鄂尔多斯机场) has connections with most major cities in China. Taking the airport shuttle into Ordos cost 25 Yuan and takes 1 hour

By train

Dongsheng train station (东胜火车站) is a relatively minor station.

By bus


All the major sights are along the parallel Wenhua West Road and Wenhua East Road. This strip is bound in the south by the Wulan Mulun River and terminates in the north at the Ordos People's government. The strip is 3km in length. All sights can be covered on foot in a single day.


Ordos International Circuit is a motorsport facility featuring a track built in the likeness of a horse



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