Oraviţa is a town on Caraș-Severin County.


The current name is first mentioned in 1690 in the census of Marsigli. During the interwar period was the residence of Caras. By the 1700s, Oravița was known by that it possessed gold and copper mines, a forge shop and copper smelters, which required huge amounts of wood and charcoal. In 1816, it is built the first theater in the country (Mihai Eminescu Theater). In 1875, the Anina-Oravița railway is built and it’s the first railway line in Romania. In 1913, the civil school becomes the 8th grade school. The Prefecture Palace is built (the architect is Henriette Delavrancea, the first Romanian lady architect, member of the organization of architects in Paris) between 1931 and 1932. Today it represents Oravița Hall.

Get in

By car

Access roads in the town are:

By train

Traveling to Oravița on that wonderful historical rail system is a natural choice. The train to and from Oravița runs twice a day, and makes almost 2 hours to destination – Anina. But worth it, because of the gorgeous landscapes that can be seen!

By bus

The Autotim Bus Company offers tourists a bus once a day (Monday to Friday), direction Timișoara-Oravița and Oravița-Timișoara.

Get around

Depending on where you're coming from and where you want to get to, buses, minibuses, motorbikes and bicycles are all good ways to get around and the train system also; however the number of locations served is limited. The city is not so big and thus quite walkable. The only mode of public transport inside city is bus. Taxis on the market place and station are quite cheap.


"Mihai Eminescu" Theatre interior




Oravița has a number of local artisan shops as well as many European chain boutiques. In this area are several small boutiques and shops, but also a market with natural products (vegetables, fruits, cheese).



The bars are not busy, but easily accessible.




Public Information Access Point is a center with Internet access created in the Knowledge Economy Project. It is located in the City Hall of Oravița, Str. 1st of December 1918 No. 60, room 14, and provides different services (burn CD/DVD, scan, Internet access, Xerox, print text and photos, renting space, advisory/technical assistance, courses for computer use etc.). Open Monday to Friday, 10am to 2pm.

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