Orăștie is a city in Hunedoara County, Transylvania, Romania.


The city is located in south western Transylvania, south of Mures river and west of the illustrious "Field of bread". The coordinates of the city being 45°- 49'- 3" north latitude and 23°-12'-5" longitude east. At an average sea level distance of 220 meters.

Orăștie has a temperate climate with an average annual temperature is +9.8°C. January average -3°C and July +20°C.

Traces of human activities can be found since Paleolithic, with intense progress in the Dacian-Roman age. Orăștie city was at one point a Dacian-Roman fortification, and along the time as suffered several transformations in relation to the strategical position. Orăștie was destroyed and rebuild several times during the centuries due to firm attitude of his cohabitants, the Getae (named by the Greeks) or Dacians (by Roman definition). The city's first documented Diploma of the city in 1224 was granted by the Hungarian King, Andrei II to renew the privileges to the German population brought here to populate the area and also to recognize the presence of native population. In XIV century the population of Orăștie counted around 1,300 souls and commerce with other Romanian Counties, Poland and Dalmatia flourished. At the end of XVth century the territory was declared "civitas" a city with the right to be represented in the Diet. With the beginning of the 1853, the city was the Capital Region of the 10th administrative center of Transylvania, the Orăștie Region. Orăștie region was devised in other 9 districts called "Plase". Those "Plase" where Deva, Halmagiu, Hateg, Baia de Cris, Ilia-Muresana, Soimus and Hunedoara. At the Great union in Alba-Iulia in December 1st 1918, Orăștie city was represented by a delegation. In the year 1974 was the anniversary of 750 years from the first incorporation record.

Get in

By train

There are trains connecting Orăștie to Bucharest, Arad, Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca, Iași, Deva,etc. Check timetables here.

By car

To drive to Orăștie from Bucharest you must take A 1(E81) to Pitesti,then take E 81(DN 7) to Sibiu.From Sibiu you must take E 68 to Sebes and Orăștie.

To come to Orăștie from Arad you must take E 68(DN7) to Deva and Orăștie.

From Cluj-Napoca you must take E 60 to Turda,then E81 to Alba Iulia and Sebes. From Sebes you must take E 68 to Orăștie.

Get around

The city centre itself is relatively small with everything within walking distance. One can take also a taxi.






Napoleon Bonaparte used to say that "any soldier has the marshal's truncheon in his kitbag." Here, any guest is treated as a marshal. The ARSENAL PARK is a holiday pile with 4 stars on the epaulettes. The most extended in Romania. And one of the few objectives focused on military topics in Europe.


Orăștie area code is 254 or 354,for Romtelecom,respectively RDS.If you dial from Romania you must dial with 0254(0354) in front of the number.If you dial from abroad you must dial with +40254(+40354).

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