Oni is a very pretty, rustic town on the Rioni River up in the mountains that was for millennia a center of Georgian Jewish culture. Today it is becoming a major tourist destination for domestic travelers as well as attracting adventurous foreign travelers attracted to its natural beauty, remote setting and a local culture that has not seen the effects of tourism yet. The town is about 3 km long, between the left bank of the Rioni River and hills to the East.

Get around

The town is easily handled on foot, to travel further into the mountains hire a car at the station where you were dropped off by the Marshutka, or make arrangements through your guesthouse.



The most popular activity for visitors is hiking or climbing in the mountains and there are many trails for this.


Most visitors will want to have their meals at the guesthouse they are staying at, since there is a very limited choice of restaurants in the summer, and none are open in the winter.


There are several nice guesthouse options in town and one new hotel.

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